About Elsa


About Elsa

My name is Elsa Henriksdotter and I´m a 23 year old artist from Kullavik, Sweden. My art is inspired by the female body and her colorful soul. Mostly I paint acrylic but I also do sculptures in plaster. Under the page ”art shop” you can find all my art available for sale. I also do fine art prints in limited edition, contact me for mor info and orders.




Hårarkivet, Arkivgatan 5 Göteborg

Dec 2017



Mahogny Café - April 2017


Elite Park Avenue Hotel - November 2016


Frilagret Göteborg - Oktober 2016


Café Nöller - Augusti & September 2016


Kafferosten- Juli 2016


Kullavik- December 2015


Släps Kyrka- Augusti 2015


Mahogny Café - Maj 2015


Arena 29- December 2014



Miss Ragtime, Magasinsgatan 15 Göteborg



Quis interdu porta quisque magna sollicitudin ullamcorper


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